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Truly tried and tested for treating descensus uteri and vaginal prolapse as well as the associated aconurensis.

If the ligaments holding the uterus and the pelvic floor muscles are too weak to hold the uterus in its position, there is a prolapse of the uterus.

Cause of the weakness of the pelvic floor can be rapid birth order, very severe or multiple child births. The uterus and other organs in the pelvis are not kept in their proper position. The descent of the uterus is also frequently associated with urinary incontinence.

With conservative (non surgical) treatment good results can be achieved at a slightly lower grade prolapse or at a slight incontinence. For decades, ring pessaries have been proven in the treatment of uterine prolapse or vaginal prolapse and related urinary incontinence.

It is made from medical silicone and available in various standard sizes in order to offer each individual patient the best possible wearing comfort.

The medesign Ring Pessary fitting set allows adjustment of the pessary size in the doctor's office and contains the sizes 65,70,75,80 mm.

Further Information

medesign's Ring Pessary has an integrated metal spring for stabilization.

Medical Silicone

Contents of delivery
1 Pessary with manual
1 Ladysoft Lubricant with manual

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Article No.TitleSizeQuantityPricebuy
MED1001442Ring Pessary45 mm1 pc(s)€ 42.30add to cart
MED1000100Ring Pessary50 mm1 pc(s)€ 42.30add to cart
MED1000101Ring Pessary55 mm1 pc(s)€ 42.30add to cart
MED1000102Ring Pessary60 mm1 pc(s)€ 42.30add to cart
MED1000103Ring Pessary65 mm1 pc(s)€ 42.30add to cart
MED1000104Ring Pessary70 mm1 pc(s)€ 42.30add to cart
MED1000105Ring Pessary75 mm1 pc(s)€ 42.30add to cart
MED1000106Ring Pessary80 mm1 pc(s)€ 42.30add to cart
MED1000107Ring Pessary85 mm1 pc(s)€ 42.30add to cart
MED1000108Ring Pessary90 mm1 pc(s)€ 42.30add to cart
MED1000109Ring Pessary95 mm1 pc(s)€ 42.30add to cart
MED1000434Ring Pessary100 mm1 pc(s)€ 42.30add to cart
MED1000489Ring Pessary Measuring Set65,70,75,80 mm1 Set€ 73.20add to cart

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