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For achieving ejaculation with or without an erection through the so-called 'vibration method'.

A reason for infertility in men with spinal trauma is their inability to achieve ejaculation. Not long ago clinical treatment was the only possibility to overcome this problem. Ferti Care Personal is a device which now allows patients to ejaculate at home, with or without an erection.

Ferti Care uses the so-called 'vibration method', whereby an external vibration system transfers vibrations of a certain intensity to the penis, which then triggers ejaculation.

Multiple studies have shown that up to 80 % of patients were able to achieve ejaculation with Ferti Care Personal and could therefore fulfil their dream of having children.

Further Information

Further studies have certified that in addition to the effect of triggering ejaculation, regular use of FertiCare Personal also improves the quality of sperm, which increases the chances of conceiving a child.

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MED1000520Ferti Care Personal-1 pc(s)€ 740.00add to cart
MED1001453Ferti Care power supply 50-60hz sparepart-1 pc(s)€ 37.00add to cart
MED1001455Ferti Care pressure disc sparepart-1 pc(s)€ 12.50add to cart

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