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Ear Model, Silicone

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The human ear is complex and has numerous acupuncture points. medesign's Ear Model enables learning and practising ear acupuncture.

This life-size anatomical model of the human ear enables learning and practising ear acupuncture. For orientation purposes, when in search of acupuncture points, 18 anatomical structures are to be found in the product description.

Further Information

The models are available in a left and a right version of the human ear.

Optionally available with magnet.

Material: Silicone.

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MED1001196Ear Model, Silicone, left9 cm1 pc(s)€ 11.90add to cart
MED1001195Ear Model, Silicone, right9 cm1 pc(s)€ 11.90add to cart
MED1001850Ear Model, Silicone, left, with magnet9 cm1 pc(s)€ 15.47add to cart
MED1001851Ear Model, Silicone, right, with magnet9 cm1 pc(s)€ 15.47add to cart

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