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Cytobrush Plus standard

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For obtaining a high amount of intact cells from the endocervical area.

False negative results of a cytological study of a smear is not necessarily the cytologists fault but in many cases caused by insufficient sample collection.

The Original Medscand Cytobrush Plus enables many intact cells to be obtained from the endocervical area. The accuracy of diagnostics is clearly increased if a larger amount of well-preserved cells are available for the microscopic diagnosis.

Application is as simple as can be: Carefully insert the Cytobrush Plus into the cervix, slowly rotate, pull out and roll onto the prepared object slide. If the Cytobrush Plus is used, diagnosable cell material can be obtained even with nulliparae, women after menopause or patients who have gone through conisation.

The Cytobrush Plus, unsterile or sterile, is the reliable, inexpensive and safe alternative to Pap tests with cotton swabs.

Further Information

Medical plastic, nylon brush.

Cytobrush Plus GT: At the tip of the smear brush there is a guide head.

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MED1000430Cytobrush Plus standard non sterile-100 pc(s)€ 27.10add to cart
MED1000006Cytobrush Plus GT non sterile-100 pc(s)€ 27.10add to cart
MED1001412Cytobrush Plus standard sterile-40 pc(s)€ 39.90add to cart
MED1000009Cytobrush Plus GT sterile-40 pc(s)€ 39.90add to cart

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